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what a year...

Since the middle of 2016, when Lily won the ISA Fast Track Fellowship, she went on to win Best Screenplay for MY OLD MAN a few months later at the Vancouver International Women in Film Festival (VIWIFF), and then became a quarter-finalist with the same script for the Nicholl Fellowship.  In addition she became the co-founder of a female writer's group, Bechdel Babes Writing Partners, dedicated to both empowering female voices and advancing careers for women in the film industry.

To top it off, Lily was just named as one of the Top 25 Writers of 2017 by the International Screenwriters Association, 

Life is good.

what people are saying about the TV Pilot


Lily won the ISA Fast Track Fellowship for her pilot, NO MORE HEROES, because we not only believed in the quality of Lily’s writing, but we saw her pilot as a socially relevant update to M*A*S*H*…and yet wholly original. The opportunities for multiple seasons is based on Lily’s ability to set up numerous storylines between the intriguing characters. Audiences should be able to jump on board and be excited to tune in every week.."  

Max Timm, International Screenwriter's Association

what people are saying about the play



It's John Grisham meets Tracey Letts meets Winter's Bone as Lily Mercer deftly tackles difficult subject matter in her compelling new Southern Gothic courtroom thriller. The acting is superb and the staging is crisp and fast-paced as nary a beat is wasted in this exploration of damaged characters doing their best to function in their grossly dysfunctional society. Congrats to Ms. Mercer and the brave cast for fearlessly telling this story and raising awareness of its disturbing issues. A must see in this year's festival."

ERIC DESKIN - writer, actor producer

The is a robust production of a new play that hangs its beautiful but painful memories upon the structure of a courtroom drama. The gifted performers give focused performances that reflect the horror of Mercer's story, a well-woven tapestry of the traumas that occur when families cover up tragedy instead of acting upon it or communicating. It's a warning to distrust blind faith and rely instead on what we see. And what we see is lovely - the chemistry (bonds both positive and negative) between the characters is tangible and very real. The lighting and scenic design are by far the best I've seen from any Fringe production. Elegant and moving, I'll be thinking about this show long after Fringe ends.

HEIDI POWERS - writer,"The Real Housekeepers" ,"Bronies, Musical"